First impressions on the second day

Into second day ...

Blue boy is now eating Havoc food, but still needs to be forced on a teat. He is quite independent of the other pups, and is always found sleeping in a corner or under all the blankets on the side of the box. He covers a lot of ground. Not sure if spending the first day alone may have contributed to that.

Pink girl and Yellow boy are both quite aggressive in looking for food, not worrying about crawling over everyone to get to a teat. Yellow boy looks like he will be a bit of a big bruiser, while pink girl is smaller but just as focused on food.

Structurally all three look good at this point. Really nice little heads, good length of neck, really good shoulder angles, and nice rear angles as well.The yellow boy is the most substantial boy, and the pink girl and blue boy are somewhat leaner.  Blue and Pink girls are already fleshing out with muscle, but Blue Boy is not there yet. Hopefully when he starts eating more.

Havoc is great with them. Cleaning them lots, but being very careful (other than stepping on them a couple of times, but her back end is still weak, so that will get better as she gains strength). She doesn`t mind people coming in to the room to look at them, but she is attentive while they are there. If a puppy yells Havoc's head is up like a shot to see what is up, and she keeps a pretty close eye on them when she is awake. We are feeding her lots of little meals to try to get her weight back up.

Starting ENS on the pups today.