Fysti bred to Cypher

So it turns out when you train a Sheltie to World level competition in agility, and train them to work around  females in heat without losing their mind, and have a female Malinois in the area that they are convinced is the love of their life ... they might not be as willing to breed a Sheltie as we might like.

No matter how flirty poor Feisty was, Cypher was convinced that Havoc was the one for him, and so even though we tried to hide Havoc, he would play a little with Fiesty, then start looking for his real passion ... Havoc.  NO, I don't think so 🙂

We were supposed to breed Fysti and Cypher on Tuesday and Thursday, according to the progesterone test.  But on Tuesday Cypher was simply not playing that game, so we ended up taking them to the vet for AI on Wednesday.

It was quite funny to see Cypher in the vet office.  The vet was doing her thing to collect semen, and they were trying to put Fysti's butt in his face to move things along (so he would sniff her and think oh that is why we are here).  Cypher just looked put out by the whole thing, with a stoic expression on his face.  But his body betrayed him by giving the vet a good sample, even though he looked like he would rather be elsewhere!

So Fysti was AI'ed on both Wednesday and Thursday, Feb 16 and 17.  Now we wait and see it the progesterone test was right in the timing.  Will we have no litters? one litter? or two litters?  Do we get some serious training in this spring, or do we have pups running everywhere?  At least it isn't long to tell. I will probably take them in at a month just to find out.