House Guest

So my mum and dad offered to take care of my cousin, The French Bulldog for a week. She's pretty cute, in a funny way. She'd sink like a stone in open water, but her charming personality makes up for the lack of sporting ability. Now it was all going very well, up until bedtime. For those who don't know about Frenchies, let me familiarize you with the symphonic range of snorting that accompanies the breed. Holy Mackerel. You can hear her coming for miles and the intensity of her snorting is directly related to her level of happiness. It often reaches a frenzied pitch around walk time. So anyhow, back to my story. I sauntered into my crate as usual, got my cookie and anticipated 9 hours of blissful sleep with dancing biscuits in my head. She was on the king sized bed with my humans. Whatever. It's too hot up there anyhow. So I'm just easing into my first stage of REM when I am startled awake by HER. She is completely passed out but SNORING so loudly that it rivals a 50 year old man with sleep apnea. OMG people. None of us slept at all that first night. Except for her.

The second night, my mum slept with earplugs. Nice. I waited for daylight.

So I stole some of her breakfast this morning when she wasn't looking 🙂

Here's hoping for some beauty rest tonight! Or at least extra kibble in the morning.

Do We HAVE To Sit Together?