I Will Never Mock Another Dog Again

So my mum has this crazy idea to train for more half marathons this year, and she thinks that I make the perfect training companion during the week. Um, hello? After a long day of eating and napping, the last thing I want to do is step outside into the freezing cold right now. And to top it off, she puts this flashing bicycle light around my neck so the cars see me down below. Well, now. I'm all for safety kids, but I was done for the night. I was just about to protest some more when she whipped out a brand new coat and affixed it to me so fast I had no time to say, "People wear jackets, not dogs!!" I'm a sporting dog!! We were made for the elements (except for days like today... -22 with the windchill. Hello?) But there was no stopping her. She was mumbling something about if she doesn't do her runs during the week, then she'll never keep up to her running group of ladies on their long Sunday runs. I like the ladies too. Sometimes I join the whole gang on Sundays. But I'm sure they could be convinced to go to Starbucks instead. So anyhow, I digress (I'm somewhat infamous for getting distracted. Squirrel!). So now I have this green thing on me. See pictures attached. She even took pictures!! Aghhh!! We step outside ....

What do you know?

It works! It works! It actually keeps the top part of me warm. Now for those who know Springers, we have lots of fur in our undercarriages but we're actually quite short on top. This coat thing is magical.

So I galloped along tonight happy as can be. I even leaped and sprang and had a great time keeping my mum company. She, on the other hand, didn't look quite as amused. I think she was COLD. Hahahahahahahaha.

I, Finnegan, will never mock another dog in a jacket again. I totally get it. I am a converted sporting dog in a sporting jacket.

Stay warm out there 🙂