It’s ooovvvvvveeeeerrrrrrr :-(

The final round of Individual Runs were today, and Canada was still the running with a couple of dogs, while others were just running for single round honours.

First up were the Medium dogs , and once again the handlers were faced with a tight technical course.  After the first run Scud was sitting in 73rd, Cypher was in 57th, and Ninja was 31st. 

Scud was up first for Canada, sitting 73rd after the first round.  Scud started off strong, but was called on a frame contact, then had a flyoff on the teeter, and finally went a little wide on a turn and took an off course jump for an E.

Cyphe, coming into the round in 57th place, ended the suspense pretty quickly with a wrong direction on the 2nd jump (it was a back side jump and the dogs could only see the front side, so Cypher decided that was the side to take).  But the rest of the course was flowy and fast, in spite of the early E.

Next up was Ninja and Nikki, who managed to hold on throughout the tough course to pull out another clean round.  Even though she came into the round in 31st there were quite a few other handlers who succumbed to the challenges of the course, so she ended up 13th overall.

1st in Medium went to USA with Luka, a Pyreneen Shepherd; 2nd went to France with Curly, another Pyreneen Shepherd; and 3rd went to Slovakia’s La, also a Pyreneen Shepherd.


Next up was the Final for the Small Individual dogs.  Suzanne was still on the injured list, so it was just Briggs and Dice running for Canada.  Briggs was up first, and he was sitting in 62 place coming into round 2.  AS soon as the first few dogs ran the course it was obvious that the course time would be almost impossible to run under, as dog after dog ran smooth clean lines and were over time. 

Briggs ran a nice course, but did get called on a dogwalk contact, and was one second over time.  His time held up well during the round, but the 5 fault contact was costly.

Dice was sitting in 4th place after the first round, and the technical but open course was well suited to Dice’s running style.  Unfortunately, as Dice ran the dogwalk right at the beginning of the course Jessica disconnected from her on the pull jump, and Dice took the push jump option for a wrong course E.  But again, the rest of the course was fast and flowy, and represented well!

1st in Small went to a Parson Russell from Italy, Twister; 2nd went to Japan’s Blue Sheltie, Maho; and 2rd went to Great Britain’s Obay Sheltie, Pizzazz.

Finally it was time for the large dogs to take the stage.

Unlike the Jumpers round the Agility round was very tight, and very technical, and was frought with challenges and off course possibilities.

First up was Fred with Tanofon who was 95 after the first round.  Fred was off to a good start over the first two jumps, but then Tanafon slipped going into the right angled weaves, and could not recover to fix the weaves.  So he went through them incorrectly.  Fred had moved on to the next obstacle by the time he heard the crowd gasp, so he knew there was an issue but he was too late to go back and fix it.  So the rest of the course did not go as well as he undoubtedly had hoped, and he came away with an E.

Next up was Encore who ran a clean, fast, flowy course in 39.05 seconds,  which was a good time for the course (fastest dogs were 37 seconds so she was not far off the mark).  Unfortunately she had come into the round in 72 place, so it was not enough to move her up in the overall placings.

Third for Canada was Fizz and Adrian.  Adrian also ran a great smooth course with a time of 41.74, and would have been clean except for one contact on the dogwalk, which cost him 5 faults.

Last up were Susan and Feature.  Feature came into the round in 30 place, and Susan handled the run cautiously, attempting to run clean.  Unfortunately Feature picked up on that caution and second guessed a jump turning toward her to check that it was correct, and incurring a refusal. There was also a small matter of an up contact on the dogwalk, and .22 in time faults, which brought the fault total to 10.22 for the round.

So 1st in Large was Finn, a Border Collie from the Netherlands; 2nd was Punssi, a Border Collie from Finland; and 3rd was Russia’s Border Collie, Wi Excellent.

Team placings were as follows:

Small 1st - Russia; 2nd - Slovania; 3rd - Japan

Medium 1st - France; 2nd - Switzerland; 3rd - Great Britain

Large 1st - Spain; 2nd - Italy; 3rd – Czech Republic

Another great World Championship is now behind us, time to get back to training!