Just A Little Update

Oh, hi again. Just a little update. I had lots of fun at the Dynamo Dog trial this past weekend. I even did the weaves with a little correction and lots of hand movements from my mum. She nearly had a bird (in a good way) that I actually got them done in a trial. Seanna also lent us some weaves to practice at home, so now there really is no excuse for Operation Weaves not to happen by the end of the year.

In other news, I came home from an exhausted (but happy) day of playing at Dynamo to find a year old golden retriever in my house. This was another OMG people moment. He even jumped on my mum and dad's new counters. Now, they tell me that he's only here for the week but really there will be no peace until he stops licking my supper bowl.

I also got a spiffy haircut from Alicia the other weekend. She really took good care of me, with lots of extra belly rubs 🙂