Online Training – Accordion Channel Weaves

Online Training - Accordion Channel Weaves

The accordion channel method of weave pole training was a method that we invented here at Dynamo Dogsports over 20 years ago. It started as a drawing on a napkin, and a discussion with a welder friend about whether he weld the movable bases for us. He did it and the first bases were really revolutionary for us.

We started experimenting with how to best to train it, and quickly discovered that these weave bases were everything we had hoped for. They trained speed and independence from day 1, they could be used with puppies and young dogs, because the first part of training has the dog just running straight through with no bending, and they did a great job of teaching striding and drive through the poles, for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

This is the method we have been using ever since, with both our own dogs and all the dogs in our classes. We have even built accordion weave bases on a small scale to ship to others who had heard about the method and were interested in trying it. So imagine our surprise when accordion channel bases showed up in Cosco stores last year! I guess others have figured out the benefits of this method as well.

So if anyone is interested in this method, here is our introductory video which shows how we use accordion channels to turn our dogs into a great weavers!

Happy weaving, everybody!!