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We have training for all stages ... from the dogs and handlers who have never even seen agility, to those gearing up for National and World competition.

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Our instructors are actively competing at an International level in the agilty, and keep up to date on recent developments in training and handling methodologies from around the world.

We do not subscribe to a cookie cutter aproach to training, but believe that every dog/handler team is unique, and must be given the tools to find their own solutions.

Above all, we believe that training should be a positive experience, and the primary focus of any training should be fun, for both dog and handler.

Below you will see the different types of training we can offer. Or contact us via email to let us know where your interests and needs are. That'll help us plan and schedule new offerings.

Dog Day-Train

Why send your dog to an overcrowded dog daycare, when you can have your dog trained by our professional staff for as little as $30 per day (less for multi day and multi dog discounts!)

An alternative to Dog Daycare, if you sign up for a Dog Day Train you will drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up after work. During the day our staff will work on your dog's issues (can be everything from basic manners to building a better performance on a piece of agility equipment). Your dog can also get treadmill time if their issue is a need to tone up, lose some extra pounds, and/or work on rehabbing an injury. Contact us for more information or to sign your dog up for a Day Train day today!

Private Lessons

Cant get to classes on the day they are offered? Want a little extra help with the thing that are being taught in class? Dog need a little extra help in something that is NOT being taught in class? Privates could be the answer

Private lessons are one on one... you and the trainer (and your dog :-)) From loose leash walking, to focus issues, to fine tuning specific agility skills, private lessons can be a great way to work through any issues that are specific to you and your dog that might be difficult to address in a class setting.

Cost: Club member - $20/half hour; Student - $30/half hour; NON Student - $40/half hour Contact us for more information or to sign your dog up for a Private today!

Dogsport Training Classes

We offer training at our training hall year round and cater to all experience levels.

If you register for more than one class (no matter which classes they are) in the same set and in a single purchase order, the price is discounted as follows.

  • second class - $10
  • additional classes - $15 each


Below are the courses currently on offer. The ones with purple hotlinks have remaining open spots available for purchase.

Agility 101A Equipment

$100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Time to get busy with Equipment! Introduction to Table, Tire, Teeter - bang game, Height Dogwalk, Low Frame, Jumps (Backside/Switch/Tight), Weave Guides, Angled Tunnels. Handling Concepts: Timing, Showing Path, Finish Cues, Start Lines, Lead Out and Release, Parallel Path, Sequencing.
Pre-requisite: Foundation B

  • Agility 101A Equipment - Fri @ 6:00 to 7:00 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 13, 2019 ($ 100.00)

  • Competitive B Skills - OUTDOOR FIELD

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    This is a dynamic class, working on putting it all together for Advanced/Excellent/Masters/International Competition. The class is fluid, and will be modified to suit the current class participants. Pre-requisite: Competitive A

  • Competitive B Skills - OUTDOOR FIELD - Tue @ 7:15 to 8:15 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 10, 2019 ($ 100.00)

  • Contacts & Weaves

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Improve your dogs performance on these challenging obstacles! Includes proofing, criteria, speed, distance, entrances, confidence and independence on Weaves, Teeter, Dogwalk, and A-Frame.
    Pre-requisite: Intermediate A

  • Contacts & Weaves - Wed @ 7:15 to 8:15 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 11, 2019 ($ 100.00)
    -- this class is full --


    $150   (6 Week session - 1 date per month)    Dates for 2019-2020: Sundays Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 9, Mar 1
    Time: 10:00 am to 2 pm. (app)

    PRIZES each week, and March 1st we will wrap with a Pot Luck and PRIZES for overall!

    Over the 6 weeks the courses offered will be taken from various organizations, including AAC, CKC, USDAA and WAO and each week there will be 3 courses (Standard/JWW, and a Game).


    Pre-registration is required! If you want to register but cannot make all the dates you can split a spot with another handler/dog team. 1 day drop in for specific dates MAY be permitted ONLY if there is room. (1 day fee $30 per dog to be paid in cash or cheque once availability has been verified for a particular date)

  • DYNAMO HOUSE LEAGUE - Sun @ 10:00 to 2:00 pm - 6 Week session starting Oct 06, 2019 ($ 150.00)

  • Foundation A Relationship

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Getting started with the basics of your relationship: Walking on a Loose Leash, Sits/Downs and other positions, Drive and Impulse Control, Heel, Finish, Stay, Recall, Etiquette when meeting people, Trick Training and more. Also introduction to Cones, Target Plates, Tunnels, Ladder work.
    Pre-requisite: Non aggressive dogs at least 3 months old.

  • Foundation A Relationship - Wed @ 6:00 to 7:00 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 11, 2019 ($ 100.00)

  • Foundation B Impulse / Awareness

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Continuing to work on foundation and obedience skills that will allow your dog to find success, including focus, impulse control and drive. Introduction to Contact Positions, Tippy Boards, Weave Poles, Hoops, Jumps (Tight), and more work with Tunnels, Targeting and Cones.
    Pre-requisite: Foundation A or equivalent

  • Foundation B Impulse / Awareness - Thu @ 8:30 to 9:30 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 12, 2019 ($ 100.00)
    -- this class is full --

  • Jumps and Tunnels

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Want to get some sequence work in but your dog doesn't have contacts and weaves yet? This class is designed for those who would like to work on sequencing and flow using only jumps and tunnels. Learn crosses, fine tune your handling, all while not compromising your dog's developing skills on contacts, weaves and other more advanced equipment. For dogs at a 101B or higher level.

  • Jumps and Tunnels - Fri @ 7:15 to 8:15 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 13, 2019 ($ 100.00)

  • Trial Prep-OUTDOOR FIELD

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    For dogs and handlers getting ready to trial or starting to trial. Held at our OUTSIDE Field, just a few minutes east of Edmonton off Hwy 16. We will go through all the ins and outs of entering a trial, the various organizations available, the measuring process, trial etiquette, volunteer positions, etc; and at the same time work on fine tuning your dog's skills so they are ready for the Starters/Novice level
    Prerequisites: Straight weaves (can be with guides), full height contacts, Intermediate B.

  • Trial Prep-OUTDOOR FIELD - Tue @ 6:00 to 7:00 pm - 3 week class starting Sep 10, 2019 ($ 100.00)
  • Below are other courses we can potentially offer. Contact us if you are interested in a future offering.

    Advanced Agility

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    For dogs who are competing in the sport, who want to fine tune their skills. Working on Course analysis, confidence and speed. Full Height Jumps/Spreads. Handling Concepts: Tunnel to/from Contact, more Angled Approaches, Distance and Discriminations, Crossing on Contacts, Advanced Weave Entries and Exits.
    Pre-requisite: Instructor Approval, Trial Prep AND Straight Weaves and Full Height Contacts from distance (consider taking the Contacts and Weaves class if your dog needs a little extra help on these pieces of equipment)

    Advanced Flyball

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    More advanced Flyball skills. How to start the dog, passing into other dogs, other dogs passing into them, working the start lights, tournament readiness, box work, problem solving, and how to play on a team.
    Pre-requisite: Flyball

    Agility 101B Positions

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    More equipment work on Table, Tire, Tunnel, Jumps, Weaves, Teeter - bang game; Full height Dogwalk, High Frame. Handling Concepts: Lateral Distance, Post Turns, Front Crosses, Blind Crosses. Introduction to Snooker. Pre-requisite: Agility 101A

    Agility 101C Crosses

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    Continuing to work on equipment skills while fine tuning basic crosses: Handling Concepts: Back Cross on Tunnel, Counter Rotation, Deceleration, Discriminations, Pull to backside, Measuring Dogs, 4' - 8' Tunnel/Jump Gamble.
    Pre-requisite: Agility 101B

    Agility Distance Skills

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour a week)    Ability to work a dog from a distance will determine success in the game of Gamblers. But distance skills are also essential to be able to get into better position on any type of course. Whether sending a dog on, layering obstacles to find a shorter path, or just working lateral distance, this class will look at how to improve your dog's ability to offer equipment independently at speed. For dogs who are sequencing equipment and comfortable on contacts, tunnels, and jumps

    Barn Hunt for Beginners

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    This class will introduce the concept of barn hunt to beginner dogs, including become familiar with gerbils and tubes, how the sport works, learning about "climb" and "tunnel", and working a novice course.

    Canine Good Neighbour

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Teaching your dog to have manners and act appropriately in a wide variety of common situations. Dogs will learn basic commands like sit, down, stay, come, & controlled walking; and work on building focus in a social setting, impulse control, greeting strangers in a controlled fashion, and more. The last week of the class is a CKC Sanctioned CGN Test. Any dog who passes will receive a Canine Good Neighbour Certificate from the CKC and will be able to use the CGN designation.

    Competitive A Skills

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour a week)    For dogs gearing up for Regional and National Competition, or just want to handle at that level... Handling Concepts: Close Set Discriminations, Push to Outside Obstacles, Double Blinds, Switch Backside Pull (Flick 360), C-Turns, Flip on Threadle, Course Maps and Analysis, Course Distractions, Reading a Premium List, Memory Course Games; Fine tuning both dog obstacle performance and handling skills.
    Pre-requisite: Instructor Approval, Advanced

    Competitive Obedience

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Whether you are new to competitive obedience or are a veteran in the sport this class will have something for you. Learn the basics or fine tune your performance. Learn how to keep your agility dog motivated, and increase your chances of success in the ring.

    Disc & Trick Skills - All Levels

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Want to learn about playing Disc with your dog? Have a started dog and want to improve your skills? Want to know how to train some of those tricks you have seen in Disc and Freestyles? This class will focus on all levels of disc dogs and cover Basic Throwing, Trick Throws, Catching, Tricks, and star to introduce the concept of a Disc / Freestyle.

    DYNAMO Demo Games

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Fast and furious. Learn to play like the Dynamo Dogs. Grand Prix Agility, Barrel Racing, Circular Chase, Tunnel Relays, High Jumping and more. Building confidence and speed, and directing energy in a positive way ... learning to work away, drive a line, and have FUN!... If you ever want to participate in Dynamo Dogsport Demos this class is a must!
    Pre-requisite: 101B

    Flyball - All Level

    $130   (4 Week Class - 1 hour per week)    This is an all level class, that will work with the individual dogs and increase their skill sets... from just learning the game to fine tuning the skills the dog has already learned in previous classes. Flyball pits teams of 4 ball crazy dogs against other teams and the clock. Teach your dog to go over all four hurdles, trigger the box, grab the ball, and find the jumps on the way home! Also introduces concepts of secondary motivators, turning on the box, offset jumping, and dead balls. Pre-requisites: Stays with handler/non aggressive/can be directed over low hurdle/interested in ball and tugs

    Flyball - Beginner

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    The fastest growing dog sport in the world, Flyball pits teams of 4 ball crazy dogs against other teams and the clock. Teach your dog to go over all four hurdles, trigger the box, grab the ball, and find the jumps on the way home! Also introduces concepts of secondary motivators, turning on the box, offset jumping, and dead balls.
    Pre-requisite: Foundation A or equivilant

    Gamblers and Snooker

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Introduction to the finer points of GAMBLERS and SNOOKER. Learn how to work distance and discrimination, maximize points, and increase strategy analysis success. Pre-requisite: Intermediate A completion.

    Intermediate Agility

    $100   (3 week class - 1 hour per week)    For those working at the Intermediate level... for dogs who have had an introduction to all the equipment and handlers who are working on short sequence and basic handling moves like crosses/lead changes/rotation/threadles/push backs etc. Pre-requisite: Agility 101C

    Rally A

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Rally is a very popular sport that involves dog and handlers working their way through a fun obedience course at their own pace. Handlers can encourage and assist their dogs as they try to navigate the course, following rally signs with instructions for each station. This four week course will introduce basic concepts in the cooperative, competitive sport of Rally.  Dogs and handlers will be introduced to heeling, fronts/finishes, positions, turns, and the basic rally signs.
    Pre-requisite: Basic Obedience/Foundation B or equivalent

    Rally B

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Improving Rally skills. Working with Footwork, Fine Tuning Heeling, Perfecting Positions, Subtling Signals More Advanced Rally Signs (Serpentines, Figure 8s etc)
    Pre-requisite: Rally A

    Reg-Nat Prep

    $130   (4 week class - 1.5 hours per week)    At the OUTDOOR FIELD. For those who are entering Regionals and/or Nationals and who wish to hone their performance to the max. Focusing on Regional course work and Gambles.

    Scent Hurdling

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Similar to Flyball racing but with the added challenge of seeking out the correct dumbbell at the end of the lane. Scent Hurdling can be a great sport for dogs who like to run and think!

    Trick Training

    $130   (4 week class - 1 hour per week)    Far from being silly and inconsequential, tricks can be the building blocks for more advanced work. Trick training helps you form a strong and mutually enjoyable working relationship with your dog. During class you will learn the foundation of how to train your dog tricks, how to break down complicated tricks into specific parts, and how to put individual pieces together to complete a trick. Once you understand how to train tricks, the possibilities are endless as to what you can teach your dog.
    Pre-requisite: Foundation B or equivalent

    Summer Outdoor Agility Field Pass

    Dynamo Dogsports has an outdoor agility space that allows pass holders to practice the concepts they are learning in class.  It also gives handlers a chance to practice on agility equipment in an outdoor setting, which can be beneficial to those who may be trialing in outdoor agility competitions at some point.​

    Dynamo Field Passes can now be purchased (for a one month period; or for the whole summer (May-September))​.  A pass entitles you to use of the outdoor Agility field almost anytime for that month/s.  The field is open from 8 am - 9 pm every day for drop in practice (unless the space is being used for Dynamo classes or seminars during a particular time). There will be a schedule of classes/seminars posted so that everyone knows when it is not available.​ The outdoor space is just a few minutes east of Edmonton, off Highway 16 (Yellowhead) so very easy to get to.​  Map will be sent to those who purchase a pass.

    Pass pricing:

    • CURRENT DYNAMO STUDENTS: $ 50/month ($200 for the months of May, June, July, August, and September); OR  ​
    • NON DYNAMO STUDENTS: $ 100/month ($450 for the months of May, June, July, August, and September) ​

    If you purchase a summer pass at "Dynamo Student" rates you must continue in DYNAMO classes for the duration of the pass; or there would be a fee incurred equal to the non student rate for the remaining months.​

    Cost is per person, not per dog (for those who have more than one dog).

    Periodically there will be courses set at the field, but those who go to the Agility field can practice just individual pieces of equipment, or short sequences, or can run the obstacles in a different order, or can just enjoy throwing a ball for their dog in the field.  You can even arrange with other people to meet there and play together (as long as everyone has a pass)   If more that one person wants to use the field at the same time they can just trade off, a couple of minutes on and a couple of minutes off.

    If you would like to sign up please go to the store to register.​

    If you would like more information please contact dogsport.org@hotmail.com

    On-line Training

    Our On-line Training Area is an interactive discussion forum. It's a great way to get expert coaching and feedback about the practice that you are doing on your own with your dog.

    Click here to visit the training area.

    Access will be offered in the form of 8 week passes.  Instructors will upload new courses and/or exercises there every 2 weeks, and may also post videos to show the exercise or drill with a dog.   There will be two specific forums (a pass will provide access to BOTH forums):

    1. Foundation - Intermediate Skills/Equipment
    2. Advanced Skills - Handling Options

    Auditors will have:

    • Access to all videos, clarification/instruction, course work/maps and any other uploads in both forums
    • Access to the discussion threads in both forums in order to read feedback given to working spot participants, to ask general questions regarding the course materials, or ask general clarification questions regarding threads or feedback in the discussion forums.
    • Price for an 8 week pass (Auditing) $60 CAD

    In order to obtain specific feedback related to a dog or situation, a WORKING spot is required so that video may be uploaded for clarification of the issue.

    Working Spot participants will have:

    • Access to all videos, clarification/instruction, course work/maps and any other uploads in both forums
    • Access to the discussion threads in both forums in order to read feedback and ask general questions AND post question specific to a particular dog/issue
    • Ability to post video links of participant dog/exercise/drill in order to get personalized feedback specific to a particular dog/issue
    • Feedback from instructors on video uploads.
    • Price for an 8 week pass (Working) $125 CAD

    A Working Spot video upload must first be posted on YouTube. Then post the  link to the  forum. Max 5 minutes of video upload, per 2 weeks, per working dog participant  Working spots are limited to one dog/one handler

    These are introductory prices, as this is a new offering for Dynamo Dogsports, and the first students will help us work out any potential issues in our system. Hope you can join us!