The Dynamo Instructors!

Agility - Flyball/Scent Hurdling - Obedience - Tricks - Disc

Kirstin ONeill

I was raised on dogsports, and for more than 24 years have been involved in many aspects of dog training.

Starting at a very young age I could be found out training, and when my family opened one of the very first dog daycares and dogsport training facilities in Canada, I would spend every spare moment after and before school training day care dogs. ​

​When it comes to training, I am a firm believer in cross training, using aspects of different sports to help better performances in ALL venues. I have trained dogs in many dogsports including Agility,  Flyball, Obedience, Trick Training, Disc, Dock Diving, Freestyle, Barn Hunt, Terrier Trials, Whippet Racing (Straight/Oval/Coursing), IPO, French Ringsport, Tracking, Rally, Scent Hurdling, and Conformation.​

My work with dogs has also expanded to including live stage acting and being a long time member of the performing show "Superdogs", prior to forming our own amazing performing troop "Dynamo dogs".

Although all my dogs are trained in many venues, agility is our biggest passion.  Euro, a Berger Picard, was my first dog and he had several top 5 placements at the national level.  Though he has passed on, he is still  the most accomplished/titled dog of his breed.

Beckham (PRT) and Radical Rabbit (Malinois) are both Regional and National winners; both have earned spots on world teams competing at IFCS. FCI, and EO, and both have brought home GOLD for Canada from the World Agility Championships!

Tenacious Turtle, my Whippet, is also well known for giving the border collies a run for their money, and he has several placements at the Regional and National level, including winning Top Dog at a UKI cup in 2017 against many world team dogs. He also competed with team Australia in 2017 at the World Agility Championships, when I loaned him out to that team.

Posh Piranha came to me as an adult, but since then we have had many Regional and National wins as well as earning a spot as alternate on the 2017 IFCS team and a full spot on the 2018 team. Crocodile Crunch is my young rescue mix, who was a foster fail.  Although she has some issues both behaviorally and structurally, Crunch is proving to be a spectacular agility dog and was made the 2019 WAC team in her second year of competition, bringing home medals for Team Canada.  

Agility is far from our only sport.  We re-started our flyball team a couple years ago, and they already have a PB of 16.2 with a “multibreed” team and 3 of my dogs running.  I love working toward bettering each dog's performance in Flyball, regardless of how fast it can run.  I put just as much work into trying to improve the skills of a dog who starts out running 7 seconds as I do with a dog who is already running 3.6.

Although I do not actively compete in Dog Disc events anymore, I did qualify for the World Disc Championships with both Euro and Radical.  I still love throwing for my dogs in freestyle demos during our Dynamo Shows;  and I do still actively compete in Disc Golf, where I have won and placed numerous times as a Professional, in order to keep my throwing form.

Agility - Flyball/Scent Hurdling - CGN - Rally - Conformation 

Seanna ONeill

I have been competing in agility for over 30 years, and am very passionate about the sport.   I started with Borzoi when Agility first came to Canada, and had the top Borzoi and top Hounds in the sport in Canada for many years. 
In recent year I have been running Shelties, Parson Russell Terriers, a Berger Picard, and Malinois;  and have won numerous Regional and National Championships with dogs in different heights.  Some of the titles earned include Lifetime Awards, Awards of Merit, # 1 Agility Dog in Canada - All Breed, and Multiple Steeplechase Championship (Fastest Dog) awards at the National Championships.
I have had the privilege of  representing Canada on a number of Canadian National Teams, competing in International competition including FCI World Championships in France, Spain, Norway, Austria, and Italy where I placed numerous times in the top 10 with my little Sheltie Dart.   In addition to FCI competition, I have also competed for Canada at the European Open in France in 2016; and at IFCS in Italy in 2017, where my Sheltie Excel helped me bring home Silver (Gamblers) and Bronze (Overall) medals for Canada.  My alternate mixed breed dog Chips has also run at the IFCS World Championship on other teams that needed a dog.   In 2017 Chips ran for Australia, and in 2018 he ran for Japan.
 In some of the years that I was competing in FCI and EO, I also had the privilege of coaching and managing the Canadian National Team members, who were competing in the IFCS World Championships. From 2014 – 2017 I did my best to help Canadian team members prepare for World Championship competition; during which time I was proud to see Canada move to 2nd place in the medal standings.
I am also an Agility judge in various organizations, including AAC, CKC, and UKI, and have designed and judged international courses for UKI National Championships in Canada and for CKC / FCI tryout competition events.
 In our agility down time, which is relatively rare, I still love to play Flyball and Scent Hurdling, Rally, Dock Diving, and still make the occasional foray into the Conformation and Obedience rings.

Barn Hunt

Darla Shelton

Zeva and I started in Barn Hunt with a Saturday seminar at Dynamo Dog Sports, and we were hooked.That was just over 1 1/2years ago. Since then we have travelled the province, learned so much about the sport, and have even gone to Regina to hunt actual rats!! 

To date Zeva and I have her RATN RATO RATS RATM titles and we are only one away from her RATNX and two away from her RATMXCH Titles !!!

Barn Hunt is a growing sport in Alberta for all types of dogs and their owners.  So I hope that you will enjoy this sport as much as we do.

Trick Training

Annie Dugan

I started out in agility more than 10 years ago with my Akita cross, Mochi. He was a ‘handful’ and I came to Seanna O’Neill and Dynamo Dogsports for some help. Agility changed both of our lives! Mochi became a well-adjusted dog, placing in the top 10 of his division at the AAC Regional Championships three years in a row and I found a new passion.

My passion is not just for dogsports, like agility, but also for the performance component in tricks, freestyle, and demonstrations. Perhaps that comes from my day job as a circus performer, but I believe that everyone can train their dogs to do impressive tricks! I am a Certified Trick Instructor with Do More With Your Dog, and my three dogs have performed with Dynamo Dogsports, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and Firefly Theatre and Circus.

Scent Detection

Marina Skoreiko

I have been competing in various dog sports for 20 years.  I breed Rottweilers under the “Ashemburg” prefix.  I have titled dogs in conformation, rally, obedience, herding, scent detection, barn hunt and have participated in Sieger style shows. 

I bred, owned and trained the first mother-daughter OTCH Rottweilers in Canada.  I have trained & handled three generations of #1 Rally Rottweilers.  Most recently, my female Posh, became the first Rottweiler in Canada to earn the Elite title in scent detection with the Sporting Detection Dog Association (SDDA). 

I am licensed to judge CKC and SDDA scent trials.  I am very much looking forward to sharing the sport of scent detection with you!