Musical Chairs Magic

Um, can you imagine when Michael Jordan learned he could slam dunk or when Wayne Gretzky learned he could score? Well guess what people. Do I have news for you. I have found my calling. My event. My one and only true sport for this sporting dog of yours. I CAN PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS! Now this is quite a feat considering that I wasn't allowed on furniture until about a month ago. Then we found out we'd be playing this new game in our dogsport demonstrations and my mum thought it would be cute to try and see me fit all my hairy limbs into a chair. Well. The first few attempts had me looking like a piece of abstract art. Legs and paws scattered between metal and fabric. Very Postmodern. It was hard when you are only as coordinated as your two front feet. My hind end just wouldn't follow. But we worked and worked on it, until one day I surprised the heck out of both of us and voila! I was upright and in the chair. It still took me some time to get used to not tipping it over. I'm not the most delicate of creatures. But eventually, I was getting it more and more.

Then came our first Dynamo Dog Demonstration. It was at Live @ Lunch in Churchhill Square. Now most humans have played Musical Chairs as kids. You know how competitive 6 year olds can be. Well just imagine when there's raw hot dogs on the line. Those meaty sausages were mine and if I had to squeeze myself ever so carefully into a chair faster than any other dog, I was up for the challenge. And if I had to steal a seat from Meme when she jumped off to sniff the ground, I did that too. Sorry Meme 🙂 So, at the end of two demos, not only did I get my hot dogs, but I also was UNDEFEATED.

Michael Jordan has basketball. Wayne Gretzky has the NHL. Finnegan has Musical Chairs. Here's a picture (and that's our referee crowning me champion!)