On Site Team Canada Practice – FCI World Agility Championships

It is the day before World competition begins.  All the countries had their warm up today, so the dogs could climatize to the carpet, the surroundings, the equipment etc.

Team Canada was not up until almost 3:00 pm, but John, Justine, and I got there at 7:30 to watch the start of the warm-ups, and we watched all the countries throughout the day until the last country (France, as host country had this distinction) was saluted by the crowd at the end of their scheduled time.

It was interesting to note that there were a lot more good running contacts this year than two years ago (30% vs 5%).  I wish the catalogue would have mentioned the dogs' age, because it would have been interesting to note how many of the stop or early release contacts were among the older dogs - vs the younger dogs being trained with straight running from the get go.   I don't know that this is true, but it seemed to be the case in some of the countries.

There also seemed to be a lot more handlers sending their dogs to the back-side of jumps in the warmup. In almost every sequence that the countries were using to practice, in their few minutes on the floor, there was at least one back-side element.

There are, as usual loads of Border Collies and Shelties.  There are also a number of Malinois and Poodles (Toy / Miniature) and Pyrean Shepherds, Mudis, Parson Russells, and a few Kelpies, along with a smattering of more unusual breeds playing for their respective  countries.

Canada had a good warm up, with the dogs looking great on the floor, except for a bit of slipping here and there.  Here is a link to a video of the team Canada warmup...


Tomorrow is the big day, as we start with Large Individual Jumping and then move to Small Individual Jumping, Medium Individual Jumping, and finally Small Team Agility.