Drop-ins / Private Lessons

Some booking notes:
Payment is required to hold time slots for Drop In or Privates.

For Privates and Drop-Ins you can book together with ONE other person IF they are in the same cohort, but CANNOT share ring space among three or more people.

If you CAN schedule your time slot during the day please do, so that folks who can ONLY do evenings will have more choices. (No drop in for the Blue Ring during the day, as we have Day Care running there)

WHERE POSSIBLE please book right before or after someone else, so that booked time will be in blocks, instead of a bunch of bookings with a space before and after. That will help us to manage and give us some down time.

We are currently only accepting drop-in bookings from current students, so that they can work on things they are doing in their lessons.

If you are doing Foundation work you can book the Blue ring (or Main Ring).
If you are doing work on Agility equipment then please book only the Main ring.
If Barn Hunt, then ensure you click on the Barn Hunt Area! (You can ONLY schedule a drop-in in the Barn Hunt Area if you have done Barn Hunt previously, and know all of the Gerbil handling processes and procedures.)

PRIVATES ($45 / 30 Min)
Seanna does Beginner/Foundation level Agility privates
Kirstin does Ringsport and Obedience privates
Both Seanna and Kirstin can be booked for Flyball or Intermediate/Advanced/National level Agility privates.