Dogsport Training Classes

PLEASE NOTE THAT CLASSES FILL UP QUICKLY, AND ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PAID (Online or via mailed in cheque) WILL BE GARANTEED A SPOT! Class fees are non refundable.

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Training Hall Location

Class Descriptions

Below are the descriptions of the particular classes listed above, i.e. the ones that are being offered at this time. For a complete list of all possible classes that we can offer, click here.

Agility 101A Equipment

Time to get busy with Equipment! Introduction to Table, Tire, Teeter - bang game, Height Dogwalk, Low Frame, Jumps (Backside/Switch/Tight), Weave Guides, Angled Tunnels. Handling Concepts: Timing, Showing Path, Finish Cues, Start Lines, Lead Out and Release, Parallel Path, Sequencing.
Pre-requisite: Foundation B

Competitive B Skills - OUTDOOR FIELD

This is a dynamic class, working on putting it all together for Advanced/Excellent/Masters/International Competition. The class is fluid, and will be modified to suit the current class participants. Pre-requisite: Competitive A

Contacts & Weaves

Improve your dogs performance on these challenging obstacles! Includes proofing, criteria, speed, distance, entrances, confidence and independence on Weaves, Teeter, Dogwalk, and A-Frame.
Pre-requisite: Intermediate A


Dates for 2019-2020: Sundays Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 9, Mar 1
Time: 10:00 am to 2 pm. (app)

PRIZES each week, and March 1st we will wrap with a Pot Luck and PRIZES for overall!

Over the 6 weeks the courses offered will be taken from various organizations, including AAC, CKC, USDAA and WAO and each week there will be 3 courses (Standard/JWW, and a Game).


Pre-registration is required! If you want to register but cannot make all the dates you can split a spot with another handler/dog team. 1 day drop in for specific dates MAY be permitted ONLY if there is room. (1 day fee $30 per dog to be paid in cash or cheque once availability has been verified for a particular date)

Foundation A Relationship

Getting started with the basics of your relationship: Walking on a Loose Leash, Sits/Downs and other positions, Drive and Impulse Control, Heel, Finish, Stay, Recall, Etiquette when meeting people, Trick Training and more. Also introduction to Cones, Target Plates, Tunnels, Ladder work.
Pre-requisite: Non aggressive dogs at least 3 months old.

Foundation B Impulse / Awareness

Continuing to work on foundation and obedience skills that will allow your dog to find success, including focus, impulse control and drive. Introduction to Contact Positions, Tippy Boards, Weave Poles, Hoops, Jumps (Tight), and more work with Tunnels, Targeting and Cones.
Pre-requisite: Foundation A or equivalent

Jumps and Tunnels

Want to get some sequence work in but your dog doesn't have contacts and weaves yet? This class is designed for those who would like to work on sequencing and flow using only jumps and tunnels. Learn crosses, fine tune your handling, all while not compromising your dog's developing skills on contacts, weaves and other more advanced equipment. For dogs at a 101B or higher level.


For dogs and handlers getting ready to trial or starting to trial. Held at our OUTSIDE Field, just a few minutes east of Edmonton off Hwy 16. We will go through all the ins and outs of entering a trial, the various organizations available, the measuring process, trial etiquette, volunteer positions, etc; and at the same time work on fine tuning your dog's skills so they are ready for the Starters/Novice level
Prerequisites: Straight weaves (can be with guides), full height contacts, Intermediate B.