O’Neill Workshops in Australia

  • A variety of 2 hour agility workshops will be held the weekend of June 9-10, and the weekend of June 16-17, 2018.
        – Location: Suncoast Fundogs, Rose Creek Road, Elimbah, Queensland
        – Workshop Descriptions
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    • $350 (for 8 workshops attended by the same handler)
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Workshop Descriptions


Is your dog having fun in the sport? Could they be faster or more confident? Introducing competition and fun games can help build drive, focus, speed and confidence. Join us for this fast fun session covering games skills and getting the dogs competing in some fast fun games. For dogs of all ages who are comfortable with jumps and tunnels.


Looking at the timing and position of the successful front and blind cross and counter-rotation to shape a line. This workshop will review when and how to execute these moves successfully to manipulate the dog's path to get the fastest time and straightest line. Only by understanding these fundamental maneuvers, can handlers help ensure success with more sophisticated moves. For dogs who are sequencing jumps and tunnels.


Discriminations and distance are two of the most common challenges in agility. Great for gamble skills, but also essential to be able to get into better position on course. Whether struggling with discriminations between dissimilar obstacles, trying to handle discriminations between similar obstacles, or layering obstacles to find a shorter path, this workshop will look at ways to help the dog make the right choice and the basics of teaching a dog to offer equipment at speed, independently. For dogs who are sequencing equipment and comfortable on contacts, tunnels, and jumps


Want to learn about playing Disc with your dog? Have a started dog and want to improve your skills? This workshop will focus on beginner and intermediate level disc dogs and cover Basic Throwing, Trick Throws, Catching, Disc Tricks, and Putting a Basic Freestyle Together.


We have over 20 years experience in Flyball and have held numerous records in the sport, including MVP, fastest team, and fastest multibreed team. This workshop will show beginners how to start in the sport, and will evaluate dogs who are already playing, to look at ways to improve their skill sets in Box Work, Turns, Jump Work and Passing. For dogs of all ages and skill levels who retrieve.


Introduction to Targeting, Offering, Tippy Boards, Weave Poles, Drive and Impulse Control, Body Awareness, Utilizing Toys and many fundamental skills will be covered in this workshop. Start your dog on the right path! For dogs new to agility, AND also for any dogs who are having issues on course with start lines, working away, tight turns, loss of focus, or inappropriate behaviours on course (barking/nipping etc) who may have holes in their foundation training.


Looking at ways to increase your chances for success at these strategy games. How to plan a path, maximize points, close in time, whether to mini or not to mini, which reds to choose, and how to come up with the best strategy for you and your dog. This workshop allows you to test different options on a Snooker and Gamblers course, and outlines strategy tips and tricks to help you to plan the best course. For dogs who are sequencing equipment.


This workshop will help build and evaluate jumping skills. Increasing efficiency and confidence on the jumps, working on ways to increase speed and decrease issues like knocking bars, turning widely, timing issues, and over jumping.
How and when to build up to full height, tight turns, acceleration and decelerations, body awareness & bending, and slicing and backside jump skills will be included. A dog who understands how to jump properly will not only remain healthier, but will also create tighter lines and be more competitive on course. For dogs of all ages and levels.


Does your dog sometimes get ahead of you on course? Do you ever slow your dog down in order to get to a front position? No matter how fast a handler is there may always be a situation where the dog gets ahead in a section where a turn is needed, or the handler must rear cross to hold the line. Did you know you can sometimes direct your dog with EARLIER cues by back crossing? Learn how to let your dog have space, get off the road, and set your back crossing line to help the dog find the path. For dogs who are very comfortable on equipment and currently sequencing.


This workshop will focus on higher level courses, and how to find the right lines and make the handling choices that will help your dog find success on more challenging sequences. The handlers will first walk and run a course with their dogs, then the course will be broken down into short sequences to look at handling options and try various alternatives. The focus is on finding lines and looking at options with the skills that the dogs already know, rather then teaching new maneuvers. Limited to 6 working spots. For dogs and handlers who are currently running full courses.


Success can be found with either running or stopped contacts, but only if the performance is consistent and fast in a variety of different course scenarios. This session will look at BOTH your current contact performance and how to improve it, AND look at how to start from the ground up. Contact training can be very dog dependent, and so various training methods will be discussed. Whether you are running or stopping, this workshop will look at how to evaluate your dog and begin to train for success, and how to help improve your dogs performance, commitment, and consistency. All ages and all levels.


Moving on to more advanced crosses this workshop will focus on the basics of maneuvers like the flip, peekaboo, backside blind, toss back, switch, c-turn and double blind; along with fundamentals of how, when and where to use them. If you are already comfortable with some of these moves, the workshop will help ensure that you are optimizing your performance. For dogs who are currently sequencing full courses.


Does your dog like to take the scenic route around the course? Could their lines be tighter? This session will evaluate your handling decisions and execution, timing, body language and communication with your dog to determine how you can tighten up your turns. For dogs of all ages who are comfortable with jumps and tunnels.


Early cues are fundamental to flow in agility. Issues on course are most often the result of the dog not knowing what the handler wants early enough. Do you struggle with your timing on verbal or physical cues? Is your dog driving as fast as they are able around the course? Or are they waiting for direction? A look at the timing of your crosses and cues, focusing on improving your timing skill set. For dogs who are currently sequencing equipment.


Proficiency on the Poles. Are the weaves poles holding your dog back? Want to start poles and not sure how? Various training methods will be discussed. Learn the basics of accordion channel weaves and how to use them to correct weave pole issues, even if your dog has started with another method. There are many aspects that go into a great weave pole performance: speed, independence, entrances and exits this workshop will work on some of the drills that can improve your dogs weaving skills, and challenge their understanding of the obstacle performance. For dogs over 6 months.