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Dynamo Dogs Ready To Perform at the Rainmaker Rodeo May 25-27

This weekend the Dynamo Dogs will wow the crowds with their fast flying antics at the RAINMAKER RODEO!
Click here to see the complete Rainmaker schedule of FUN!  Just look for wherever it says:

"Dynamo Dogs  presented by Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital".

We'll be in the parade on Saturday morning too!

Just one question....
              Why is this gentleman dressed this way?    


Gotta come to Rainmaker to find out.....  Hope to see you there 🙂


UPDATE as of morning of May 26th.... Another Question:
              What are these strange things?



Off to Nationals

So we were off to Nationals today.  Kirstin and I flying together from Edmonton to Hamilton, Ontario, with our 6 dogs (Kirstin is running Euro and Beckham and bringing Radical Rabbit along for the ride); and I am running Dart, Havoc, and Fysti. 

Havoc and Fysti sharing a kennel on the plane
Teri followed on the next flight with Tylt and Cypher who are entered, and Pryme, who is also along for the ride, as he is not quite ready to play.  

Kirstin and I ended up getting to the Edmonton airport for our flight a little late, always takes longer than I think it will 🙂 so it was a bit of a rush, but everything seemed to be in our favour; from no one having time to "weigh" any of our kennels or bags; to the security guard who pulled us from waaaayyyyy back in the security line all the way to the front, so she could "swab us"; to the person in security who let Kirstin keep her dog nail clippers because the security guard was also dog friendly; and onto the airplane, where we were so late that rather than making us go to the back, to our assigned seats in a crowded section, they let us sit up in the front in an empty section, so we had lots of leg room.  There was even a movie on the plane that we actually wanted to watch!

Our good fortune continued when we landed,  with incredibly helpful and nice folks at the Hamilton airport.  There is a reason we flew into Hamilton!  No trouble getting the van, or with any of our bags, or picking up Teri from the next flight coming in.

We did have a bit of trouble figuring out the map that we got from the person at the airport, so I have to admit we passed by Burlington, once, twice, three times on the 2 hour drive (well turned into 3 hour drive :- ) ) to Barrie, but it was a beautiful day for a drive, and we weren't in a hurry anyway.

The hotel is great, with indoor AND outdoor pool, great grass area in the back, a restaurant right in the hotel, helpful staff, and we don't have to navigate stairs or elevators to get to our room... the room even has a balcony. 

So here we are, tired but feeling pretty good about the trip so far... we just need to find some food for the dogs  tomorrow, and figure out exactly when we are supposed to be onsite at Nationals.

Teri and Kirstin were impressed with the pillow belts that outlined their relative comfort level.



Training Contact with the ONeill Malinois

The contact training is coming along well.  Havoc is in the process of retraining her Frame.  Of course retraining can be problematic and we don't have consistent access to a Frame to practice, so it is a work in progress, but she is coming.

Teri is working on Pryme's running Frame and Dogwalk, and smack it down teeter 🙂 and Kirstin is teaching Radical a running Frame and a 2 on 2 off Dogwalk and Teeter.

Havoc sets the time in Challenge and Qualifies for UKI Masters Final Event!

Havoc is really coming into her own, and trying to really read my handling on course.  She has set the time for 26" regular in her last two Challenge courses (which were also her 1st two challenges courses).  Even though there are still times when for just a moment I am late, or she is overly eager to try to figure it out on her own, those mistakes always come because she is trying too hard, and never because she is not trying enough.

We were also entered in the last UKI Masters Final Series Qualifier, and Havoc took top 26" dog in both the Standard and the Jumpers run for Top 26" dog overall in the Qualifier.  What a good girl!   Here she is navigating one of the recent Challenge courses.