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Here are the results from our March 2018 AAC National Team Fundraiser Agility Trial.

Here are the results from our January 2018 CKC Agility Trial.

Thanks for playing. It was fun!

Qualifying Dog Report for the last couple of evening trials!

Posted by Dynamo Dogsports on Saturday, September 30, 2017

Here are the results from our September 2017 CKC Agility Trial.

Thanks for playing. It was fun!

Here are the results from our July 2016 "Gearing Up for Nationals" Agility Trial

Thanks for playing at this trial which allowed for lots of fun in the summer sun...
...    and for getting ready for Nationals too.

Congratulations to Bauer and Rook!

Posted by Dynamo Dogsports on Monday, July 4, 2016

Here are the results from our April 2015 "April Showers Bring Flowers" Agility Trial

  • Our judges were Christina Sanders and Seanna O'Neill.

Here are the results from our Jun 2014 MASTERS JUDGE CERTIFICATION Agility Trial

  • Our visiting judges were Phil and Mary Zacharatos from Kamloops. They came to evaluate Seanna O'Neill for potential certification as a Masters Judge


June 28

Jun 29

Some of the winners in our agility trial last weekend included:

  • Phil/Sagan - $59 Starters Snooker Award
  • Jen/Raga - $59 Advanced Snooker Award
  • Justine/Summit - $59 Masters 1 Snooker Award
  • Susan/Ruby - $59 Masters 2 Snooker Award
  • Wynd - $50 Fastest time in Standard/Challenge, 6+ yps
  • Kirstin/Beckham - Steeplechase - $50 Fastest Mini Award
  • Kirstin/Radical - Steeplechase - $50 Fastest Maxi Award

Congrats to all those who brought home a ribbon and earned a title (including our own club member Robbi and Harley, her mixed breed dog who has come a LONG way!), but also special congratulations for some of the very special titles earned:

  • Ottavia - Expert Standard Bronze
  • Sketch - Expert Standard Bronze / Bronze Award of Merit
  • Sanka - Expert Standard Silver / Silver Award of Merit
  • Jesse - Expert Gamblers Gold / LIFETIME