Dynamo Dogs Ready To Perform at the Rainmaker Rodeo May 25-27

This weekend the Dynamo Dogs will wow the crowds with their fast flying antics at the RAINMAKER RODEO!
Click here to see the complete Rainmaker schedule of FUN!  Just look for wherever it says:

"Dynamo Dogs  presented by Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital".

We'll be in the parade on Saturday morning too!

Just one question....
              Why is this gentleman dressed this way?    


Gotta come to Rainmaker to find out.....  Hope to see you there 🙂


UPDATE as of morning of May 26th.... Another Question:
              What are these strange things?



April 2012 “ALL OR NOTHING” AAC Trial Results

My Goodness!
... t
here sure was lots of action at the April 2012 “ALL OR NOTHING” Agility Trial!

  • Our visiting judge was Rick Whiting from Nova Scotia. We received so many positive comments about his great courses.
  • Teri and Cypher won top Snooker Dog AND top Masters Dog,
  • Teri and Tylt won fastest Steeplechase dog
  • Havoc and Maize took top team.
  • Kirstin raised close to $600 for the 2012 FCI World Agility team. 
  • Volunteer free trial entries went to Jill Eckert and Dave Steinman.
  • See below for the results and AAC Titles that have been attained.
  • We'll let you know about our plans for the summer, plus see you at the Dynamo Dogsports: SEPTEMBER "SOOO CLOSE" TRIAL with visiting judge Gayle Avery from Ontario.


Handler & Dog Title
Gisela and Jesse Gold Award of Merit
Joanne and Toby Gold Award of Merit
Martin and Fly Bronze Expert Standard
Linda and Nova Agility Trial Champion of Canada
Linda and Nova Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada
Allan and Jazz Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
Marci and Chance Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
Dave and Blue Masters Challenge Dog of Canada
Arlene and Kylie Masters Snooker Dog of Canada
Lorraine and Murphy Advanced Games Dog of Canada
Lesley and Rusty Advanced Games Dog of Canada
Lisa and Taryn Advanced Games Dog of Canada
Gail and Gus Agility Dog of Canada
Anna and Zora Agility Dog of Canada
Monika and Xavier Starters Games Dog of Canada

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Dynamo Dogs Perform At WEM Ice Palace

Here's some Dynamo Dogsports news from Dogapalooza – a family friendly canine event last weekend at West Edmonton Mall.

It was almost too close to call, but as this video clearly shows the Dynamo Dogs PINK TEAM (Rusty, Audi, Rage and Euro) beats the GREEN TEAM (Dart, Meme, JetPACK and OD) before crowds of onlookers at the November 2011 Dogapolooza at West Edmonton Mall.

[hana-flv-player video= width="550" height="430" description="" player="3" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" /]

THEN .... Havoc used all her death defying skills:

[hana-flv-player video="" width="550" height="430" description="" player="3" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" /]

THEN... our Dynamo Dogsport event at Dogapolooza was CRASHED!

       .... THEN Meme barked at the intruders and even went to guard the door after they left!