Tough day for Canada at the FCI World Agility Championships


Today started off a little rough for teams trying to get to the World Championship, as the traffic around the site was backed up for blocks and blocks.  After waiting 1/2 hour in a completely stalled traffic jam, the bus unloaded team Canada, who had to walk a km to the site, and ended up getting there just before opening ceremonies.  Finally police arrived to try to clear up the traffic, but there was just not enough space for all the vehicles that were trying to get in. 

But finally we all got there and opening ceremonies was under way.  Lots of the regular officials greeting the athletes etc, and they gave away a guide dog; and then onto course building for the Large Individual Round.

The course was certainly a World class challenge, with lots of tight technical bits, and it took an early toll on the majority of dogs who tried to run it.  Our Canadian dogs also had a tough time of it.  Susan was up first with Feature, and she managed to pull out a clear round but it definitely wasn't pretty! 🙂  Her time placed her 30+ after round 1.

Next up was Adrian and Fizz, and he also got a bit discombobulated, but managed to avoid an E and come away with only a bar and some time faults.

Fred and Tanafon did not fare so well, taking an early off course for an unfortunate E.

Susan was then up again, this time with Encore, who smashed through the wall right at the beginning of the run.  After that she put it together and ran the rest of the course well, but the wall crash earned her a costly 10 faults.

Coming out of round 1 Large Individual Jumping in the top 3 were...

1st - Czech Republic - Border Collie - Kralova Terza - Nice

2nd - Austria - Border Collie - Lisa Frick - Hoss

3rd - Italy - Border Collie - Sicignano Gervasio - Winky


Next up was the Small Individual Jumping event and again we came out with one clean for Team Canada, as Jessica and Dice ran into 5th place in the Jumping Round.  Suzanne & Copine, and Cathy & Briggs both took off courses for an E, in a course that caused the vast majority of competitors to have eithor an E or time faults with a Refusal. 

The biggest challenge of the small dog course was the placement of the weave poles directly into the chute, with only a few feet from the end of the weaves to the shiny side of the chute.  Dog after dog got caught by the reflection in the chute as they came up to the 8-12th pole, and popped out to earn a refusal.


In Medium Individual Jumping, Nicky Gurr ran clean but was out of the running for a top placement, with a somewhat slower time. Scud and Lucy were looking good all the way aroudn the course, but got caught by a backside jump on the last few obstacles (it wasn't SUPPOSED to be a backside jump).  So she came out with an E.  Teri and Cypher were clean through the first part of the course, but Teri pulled a little early off the broad jump and Cypher sliced it.  Teri took him back to complete it, so they incurred only a refusal and time faults, rather than an E. Medium Team Video


The last event was Small Team Agility and again a tough course proved the downfall of a lot of competitors, with NO countries able to run three clean dogs.  But there were a few countries with only a few time faults, or a refusal.   For Team Canada both Copine and Briggs had an off course on a tight section, where the dogs were able to bounce jump over a jump that they were not supposed to take.  Dice again ran without incurring an E, but she did have a non contact call on the dogwalk.

So the Small Team will be running their Team Jumpers event tomorrow just for fun, and the Medium and Large Team are up in both their Team Jumping and their Team Agility rounds tomorrow, so anything could happen there!