Ultrasounding and snow in the Hall

Well, the Ultrasound for both Havoc and Fysti is scheduled for March 16, so that will be the day we find out for sure.  Havoc is definately looking a little thicker around the middle but it is only 2 1/2 weeks, so ... Fysti is really is impossible to tell anything with all that hair, and the chunkiness of a long, cold winter.

Last time Havoc couldn't even get up at the end cause the pups were so big, and there were so many of them, so this time I was determined to work her like crazy to keep up that muscle tone, but the -37 degree days, and snow and ice that never seem to be letting up are making it difficult.

Yesterday I just left the front door open and kept throwing a frisbee down the short hall and out the door into the front yard. The dogs would all pile out and Havoc would grab the frisbee from the snow, with Fysti nipping at her and the frisbee, and Dart a safe distance back barking like a banshee, and everyone getting covered in white snow like frosted cupcakes.  Then Havoc would leap back into the house with the Shelties on her tail, drop the frisbee in the hall expectantly, and wait me to throw it again.  Fun for everyone, but a whole pile of snow in the hall by the time we were done! 🙂