Visit to the Royal Oak

Shiloh and I went to my dad's workplace in Lacombe called the Royal Oak Manor. We did a little agility demo with our limited equipment
(Two normal jumps, one spread jump, two of Seanna's flyball type jump's, and a tunnel). we had a great time! Shiloh raced over a couple small courses with no problem! 🙂 and then we also did a couple of tricks, which wowed the resident's at the care facility! they gasped every time Shiloh rolled over, and laughed when Shiloh rubbed her nose with her paw! I am very pround of my girl for being so good, and so gentle with the frail people when we went around for her to be petted. she got so many hugs and was happy to take lots of hugs and a part of a milkbone one of the residents had. we had a great time and are now determined to get Shiloh to become a certified therapy dog, and we hope she passes the test when she takes it!