So if you've read some of my earlier posts, you will know that the weaves have been an enigma to me. You'll also notice that I haven't been blogging very much lately. A coincidence? I think not my friends. I have been working in the backyard, at coaching classes, in demos (did you catch me & my friends at the WEM Dynamo Dog shows??). Eating, sleeping, and dreaming The Weaves.

Well. Guess. What? 

This ranks right up there with the day that I was whelped. 

I weaved. And not only did I weave, but I weaved INDEPENDENTLY in competition this past weekend at our AAC December "Do It Again" Trial. Now remember. I'm not a border collie. I am not a sheltie. I am a full blooded Springer Spaniel. Big feet, long ears. Super cute and cuddly, but not exactly a high ranking athlete in the dog agility world.

So it was an outstanding moment for me and my mum when the weave-o-magic happened. And even better all my Dynamo Dog friends let out a huge cheer as I rounded that last weave pole, completing my 12 weaves in a row. They were celebrating SO LOUD right there in the middle of my run, my mum wanted to go over there and hug them. They are so awesome and supportive. So even though I didn't qualify during that run (pesky knocked bar near the end -note to self... groom back end before big competition), I did all the weaves and my friends were there to celebrate my personal moment in history.

Thanks for all the support 🙂   - Finnegan